Introducing children and young audiences to music

These days musical education, as most creative subjects, does not receive its full due in school curriculums, a development which does not bode well for our culture and our social cohesion. This makes private initiatives outside of school all the more important. It is with this in mind that Soundabout develops and markets concerts and concert workshops, which introduce children and young adults to music in a caring, exciting and above all interactive manner.

Production and Development

Depending on the type of project, we will realise ideas for concerts and workshops as either independent productions or we will deliver creative and educational concepts (for example children’s concerts with symphonic orchestras), all of which are productions that can be independently produced by the event organiser at a venue of his choice.
Narrator, visuals, stage setting and scores can be provided if required, with the organiser (the orchestra, the concert hall or the theatre) providing the ensemble.

Services for artists

Not every good musician is also good at working with children and does not necessarily have the relevant educational qualifications. Soundabout therefore offers special coaching sessions, in which musicians or actors can gain the necessary skills to run a workshop or narrate a concert.

We also offer consulting and mentoring for events geared towards children and young adults. Musicians wishing to perform in schools are offered tailor-made concepts as well as an introduction to the do’s and don’ts of work in the classroom.

An additional service for artists and ensembles: Soundabout can act as agency and promote existing music or theatre productions to theatres, cultural centres, concert halls and other cultural institutions. Use Soundabout as a distribution platform for your production.