Since its creation in 1992, ESTRO ARMONICO has developed into one of the flagships of the musical scene in Luxembourg and the surrounding regions. With a program focused on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons it now concentrates on working with young audiences.

At the founding concert in 1992 centred on works from Vivaldis Estro Armonico, no one could have predicted the success story that lay in waiting for this ensemble. Its spiritual master and leader, Guy Goethals, has succeeded, through his unassuming and dedicated manner, in creating one of the most respected orchestras of Luxembourg.

“Estro Armonico” can be translated as “Harmonic Inspiration”. The Orchestra incorporates this in more than just name: the encouragement and cultivation of a harmonic atmosphere between musicians, singers, soloists and public is central to this ensemble’s philosophy. The homogeneity of the ensemble, composed of up to 45, mostly Luxembourgish, musicians, is greatly appreciated. Next to its extensive collaboration with Luxembourgish choirs and increasingly choirs from neighbouring regions, Estro Armonico has recently started to focus on concerts with exclusively orchestral programmes under the direction of acclaimed Luxembourgish conductors such as Carlo Jans or Jonathan Kaell, or well-known foreign conductors such as Jaap Schröder and Guy van Waas.

Estro Armonico has retained the freedom of performing Baroque or classical orchestral programmes, as well as performing musical, film or big-band pieces, due to its diversified cast. Thanks to this flexibility the orchestra has performed over 370 concerts.