Discovering the effect of music emotionally

Music particularly moves children and young adults, especially when they can participate in its creation. Communal music-making encourages children to listen to others and to consider alternative points of view. A keen interest in music is necessary to ensure that concert halls, orchestras, cultural centres, festivals, ensembles and independent artists find themselves faced with enthralled audiences today and tomorrow. In a time where children and young adults are constantly exposed to sensory stimulation, how best to introduce them to the world of music?

It’s all about joining in!

Soundabout offers children and young adults an emotional access to music. This is ensured by direct contact with the musicians and by the experience of music-making. Depending on the project, the children are directly involved in the process: in workshops or concert workshops they can compose, join in on sing-along songs or follow simple choreography or body-percussion movements. All of Soundabout’s concerts are specifically geared to the appropriate age group and their respective existing musical experience. Periods of listening and watching are intermingled with periods in which the public is encouraged to actively participate.

Lasting impressions

The shared experience brings together musicians and public: the direct contact builds an emotional bridge, steers the children’s attention towards the music and thus allows for a transfer of knowledge. This is how Soundabout’s workshops and concerts always leave a lasting impression and encourage a number of children to further develop their interest in music, to learn to play an instrument, to make music together and participate in musical events.